We Help Agencies and their clients Close more deals with simple software.

Before adding on the LeadWeb App Agency model, we used LeadWeb App for our own agency. We asked our client what was missing from their CRM’s and other tools. If they could create their own, how would they create it?

After hearing their problems, we created LeadWeb App to solve client problems. We found that when we solved the clients’ problems, we indirectly solved our problems as an agency. After  test marketing LeadWeb App with other agencies, we decided to move forward and provide a simple to use way to keep your clients longer and help your clients convert more leads into deals.

What does LeadWeb App do?

  • No complicated SMTP set ups
  • No Snap shots to build out
  • Instantly Deliver leads in real time
  • No Monthly Platform cost for the agency
  • Charge by the client
  • Personalized support with our team
  • Tech support for your clients
  • White Label ads available for your Clients on Google, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and TikTok
  • Automatically track activity on leads without manually logging it.
  • Constant reminders to your clients to contact leads if they haven’t reached out.


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