About Us

LeadWeb App initially started as an Ad agency for companies who needed more business. However, over time we noticed that there were a few issues with lead generation and conversions. So, we went to the drawing board with our clients to discuss how to solve those issues and we came up with Five big things. One is response time, which on average was about 17 hours to first contact with a lead. The second was the speed at which the lead was delivered to the company. The third was giving companies leads that have not been resold to other companies causing a race to the bottom on pricing. The final thing was to do all of this in a very simple way without completely tearing the companies CRM or other software they are currently using. When you put those things together and solve them, the solution you get is LeadWeb App. A proprietary single sign on platform that effortlessly delivers leads in real time and uses A.i. and text messaging to reach out to leads that are generated to try and schedule a call back on the company’s behalf, even at 3 A.M.

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